About Us

Carmine Jack Leather is the US distribution agent for J&FJ Baker & Co's equestrian leathers. We sell a range of precut oak bark bridle and vegetable tanned harness straps, butts, double shoulders and backs. We also carry their famous reproduction of the Russian Reindeer Crosshatch leather found in the sunken wreck of the Metta Catharina.


We do offer custom order requests for items we dont have listed here. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Bulk discounts also available for large order or production runs.


About Carmine Jack Leather

Carmine Jack Leather has been specializing in J&FJ Bakers Oak Bark tanned leather since 2018. Wanting to find something to help our custom belts stand out of the crowd, we went looking for something now being sold in US. There were stories of a leather that was made using only oak bark tannins and that set us down a path that defined our business. After reaching out to the tannery in November, it took nearly seven months to complete our first order (it was entirely our fault). Once we received our first order, the flood gates were opened and we soon became known as "Those Bakers guys".