Veg Tan Harness Strap - Natural

Veg Tan Harness Strap - Natural

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Length: 55-60"

Thickness : 5 to 5.5mm average

Thickness could vary from strap to strap between 5 and 6mm. Veg Tan harness straps are fairly consistent in thickness throughout the strap. We do not have any control over the thickness and cannot take any requests for specific thicknesses.

We cannot guarantee the shade or tone of each color. This is a hand stained product by master curriers in England. The color from each hide, and maybe even each strap, will vary from one piece to the next. Due to the color changes seen from one monitor to another, or from one device to the next, the color on the hide or strap received could vary from what is being shown in this listing.

The average weight for one strap plus the box is just at 1lb. 1lb is the threshold for USPS to require priority shipping. While one strap would cost $9 to ship, two straps would only require a couple dollars more. And three straps are currently getting free shipping.

** Free Domestic Shipping with the purchase of THREE OR MORE straps. Use code ** SHIP3STRAP **