Veg Tan Bridle Strap - Racing Green

Veg Tan Bridle Strap - Racing Green

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**Buy 2 or more Racing Green Veg Tan Bridle straps and get 30% off the veg tan bridle straps. Discount applied automatically**

Length: 55-60"

Thickness: 4mm average (9-11oz)

Thickness could vary from strap to strap but is in that 9-11oz range. Veg Tan bridle straps have a finished flesh side that has been colored green.  We do not have any control over the thickness and cannot take any requests for specific thicknesses.

The color from each hide, and maybe even each strap, will vary from one piece to the next. Due to the color changes seen from one monitor to another, or from one device to the next, the color on the hide or strap received could vary from what is being shown in this listing.

Please note this is Bakers vegetable tanned bridle (tanned with chestnut & mimosa bark) as opposed to Bakers traditional Oak Bark tanned bridle leather. They are still tanned in pits and are finished by hand at the tannery. 


If international shipping seems excessively high please contact us for an address specific shipping quote. Send us your name, address, phone number and what you want to order and we will send an invoice with the updated shipping costs. We offer discounted international shipping costs for orders of 6 straps or more but you must message us to get the pricing.