Second Quality Straps
Second Quality Straps
Second Quality Straps
Second Quality Straps

Second Quality Straps

Regular price $15.00 $33.00 Unit price per

**This listing is for second quality straps. These straps will have issues, some more than others. We broken them down into three categories. 

Grade 1: Finish issues. These are gonna have surface scratches, maybe more scars than I like to see, or some cracking in the color. These straps won't have any loose grain and will have no problems make a belt or strap from the entire piece (other than the finish or color issue).

Grade 2: Some loose grain. These straps might have some finish issues but most noticeably will have loose grain towards the end of the strap. Nothing super squishy. You can easily make a belt with the whole length but depending on the length of the belt, you may not even encounter the loose grain.

Grade 3: Squishy/Loose Grain. These straps won't be good belts but they may make some tote straps, or skive them down to make bracelets/cuffs, keychains, or other strapped goods. 


Shipping Costs:


1-6 straps ship FedEx 2 day. This includes HI and AK and has Sunday shipping if available in your area. 

1 Strap: $10 

2 Straps: $12.25  

3-4 Straps $15  


4-6 Straps $22



7 - 10 Straps: $25 - FedEx Ground  (HI & AK residents please contact us. It will probably be cheaper to ship multiple boxes due to our discount). 

10+ Contact us for accurate quote