Russian Calf - Second Quality

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Hide 1 - Grade B - $33/sqft

23.5sqft • 5.5-6.5oz • A few worker marks, some small pea size grain damage.

Hide 2 - Grade B - $33/sqft

16.5sqft • 6.0-7.0oz - Softer temper, some stain issues, a few small scars

Hide 3 - Grade B - $33/sqft

20.25sqft • 4.0-4.5oz - Some loose grain, scar on spine, light stain issue

Hide 4 - Grade C - $26/sqft

19.5sqft - 5.5-6.5oz - flat crosshatch print (light embossing), some scars

Hide 5 - Grade C - $26/sqft

23.25sqft - 6.0-6.5oz - Some bigger scars, dirt that needs brushing (its a 600 year old building people, its dirty. Its just dirt and brushes off, but if I have to do it then it will make it a Grade B hide and the price goes up)

Hide 6 - Grade C - $26/sqft

18sqft - 6.5-7.0oz - small blemishes, some quarter size scars



Baker’s Russian Leather is a reproduction of the legendary Russian Leather, a reindeer tanned hide with a characteristic crosshatch pattern and a strong smokey aroma. Bakers studied the only known remaining, 18th century rolls of leather recovered from the shipwrecked Metta Catharina off the Devon/Cornwall coastal border, to recreate the leather’s unique colour, print, thickness, texture, supple yet firm handling, smell and durable qualities. Working with artisans and historians they researched what is known about the tanning techniques and the naturally occurring materials that the original Russian artisans would have had available.

After tanning in pits filled with blend of oak, willow and birch, each piece of leather is dyed, printed with the characteristic cross hatch, and hand dressed with a secret balance of natural oils, blended to preserve the leather’s smell, flexibility, strength and longevity and stay within the confines of its historic origins. This includes Birch oil that is essential to the Russian Leather’s success as it made it both water resistant and repelled insects whilst infusing the leather with an aroma that made it instantly distinctive and famous within high society in the 17th until the early 20th century.

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